Dear Friends,

One more year has gone by and we continue enjoying our park.

During the past 12 months a lot has changed at the Cedar Hill Park and at the same time not much has changed despite our lobbying and hard work on Monday mornings with the Pulling Together activities.

We have had 7 meetings of the Stakeholder Working Group ( and finished phase one of the project (as shown in the scheme in the link above). We were able to define the scope and type of the plan to be submitted to Council as well as we drafted the vision statement for the park. As you can imagine defining the scope took us many meetings, but we are happy with the outcome so far. Thanks to all of those who contributed to the discussions!

The draft vision statement came to life as a compromise which encomapsses many different views that were expressed to us:

“Cedar Hill Park balances nature, community, and recreation in a harmonious way. People, place, and the environment share an intimate connection that fosters mutual health and well-being. We are all stewards of the park, committed to its long-term preservation and enhancement.”

We are, at this point, unsure on how our participation and input will happen during phase two for the Cedar Hill Park Planning exercise and we are presently requesting a few more meetings. During our last meeting of the Stakeholder Working Group  we were surprised by the announcement that that was our last meeting and staff would write and submit the plan to council. We will keep you informed of the developments.

April 2018

Copyright ©2015 - 2018 Friends of Cedar Hill Park

Copyright ©2015 - 2018 Friends of Cedar Hill Park