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Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association (QCHCA) and Friends of Cedar Hill Park (FCHP) have encouraged Saanich to undertake a comprehensive, community consultation as the foundation for a long-term plan for the park. Representatives of QCHCA and FCHP recently met with Saanich Parks to discuss the scope of the planning process.
We understand that a working group will be formed with representatives from community associations and other stakeholders by November 2016 to do the preliminary planning for the study.
We are hopeful that the resulting plan will guide management of the park for years to come including protection for the natural and green areas and facilitate ongoing communications between communities, stakeholders and Saanich Parks.
QCHCA and FCHP will make every effort to keep the broader Saanich community informed of progress and outcomes as the planning process scope is finalized and community consultation commences. This information will be posted to the QCHCA and FCHP websites.

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(September 2016)

​A long-term plan for Cedar Hill Park

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