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​​​Minutes of Board meeting of Friends of Cedar Hill Park Society

7:00pm to 9:30pm, Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
1245 Judge Place, V8P 2C7


  • Barb Latham
  • John Schmuck
  • Patricia Houston
  • Luis Netter
  • Paul Bishop
  • Susan Haddon
  • Peter Haddon

Minutes recorded by Peter Haddon - Secretary


  • Welcome​
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes of February 17th 2015
  • Membership report Barb
  • Financial report Barb
  • Update on mapping and inventory initiative Peter
  • Update on Draft Charter and next steps Peter
  • Update on Park maintenance and Bowker clean-up Paul
  • SCAN/QCHCA update John
  • Park feature naming next steps
  • New Vice Chair Susan
  • Jane’s Walk planning
  • Bowker Creek Initiative update Peter
  • Next General meeting date

Welcome and Agenda
• Susan welcomed everyone to the meeting and the agenda for the meeting was reviewed and approved.

Approval of Minutes
• Minutes of February 17th 2015 were approved


  • Barb started as the Membership Director in December 2014
  • Spreadsheet membership system created with Hugh’s assistance
  • 23 memberships paid as of June 15th 2015
  • Barb to follow-up on membership renewals
  • Patricia suggested that we have a table at the Playfair Picnic (Patricia, Susan, Peter)
  • Need a brochure: who we are, what we do, etc. (Susan, Lana, Peter)
  • Rack card brochure – Peter to talk to Denis Robinson

Financial report for fiscal year started April 1st 2015

  • Barb presented the report for Hugh (Copies available on request)
  • Bank balance is $837 including a donation of $500
  • The development of the website was the major expenditure
  • Paul suggested that we include a “Donations” line on the membership form (Peter/Luis)

Mapping and Inventory

  • Peter reviewed the meeting notes from May 27th
  • Barb suggested that a paper map of the park would be helpful (Peter/Paul/Luis)
  • John suggested a meeting with Gary Darrah (Parks Planning) on June 24th (Peter)
  • Contact Carole Ireland concerning signage (Peter)​
  • Jake Skinner and Judy Wigmore have asked to be relieved of duties on this sub committee and our members will be asked to consider joining

Draft Charter for Cedar Hill Park

  • Peter reported that the Charter was circulated to Councilors Vicki Sanders, Vic Derman, Dean Murdock and Fred Haynes. Generally positive feedback.
  • Per Dean’s suggestion a copy with a covering letter will be sent to Councilor Susan Brice and Parks Manager Kelly Ann Armstrong (Peter)
  • Vic Derman suggested we check into Saanich’s suggested wording with regard to First Nations (Peter)
  • John recommended circulation to Gary Darrah in Parks
  • Meeting agreed to retain the Charter as redrafted by Barb. Copy to website.

Park maintenance and Bowker clean-up

  • Paul reported that weekly maintenance continues. Some constraints on Paul and Jim lately. Weekly maintenance with emails to the crew will continue.
  • Bowker Creek clean-up went well. Continued to clear blackberry roots at top of west side. Large amounts of garbage removed.
  • Next Bowker dates: Saturdays October 24th 2015 and February 27th 2016 (Susan to consult with Andrew Burger, Parks and Jim Moores; advise BCI.)

Update on SCAN and QCHCA

  • John gave an update on the major events planned including Music in the Park, Playfair Picnic, Piayfair open house, Lumber World tool acquisition and next hot dog sale event. Please see QCHCA website for details.
  • Colleen O’Brien received an award from Saanich for her work in Playfair Park.
  • Next QCHCA general meeting is September 22nd.

Park feature naming next steps

  • Susan spoke to Gary Darrah on the protocol for naming features of the Park.
  • He said that FCHP could submit names. Generally names of deceased people are acceptable or names of flora, fauna, etc.
  • Members who are interested in being part of this naming activity are asked to contact Barb.
  • Nancy Turner and Eric Higgs may be able to advise on First Nations contacts.

New Vice Chair of FCHP

  • Judy Wigmore asked to be relieved of her position as Vice Chair.
  • Judy said that she will continue as a member of FCHP
  • John nominated Luis Netter as the new Vice Chair and the attendees voted to approve. Susan will update the records accordingly
  • List of Directors of the FCHP:

                     o Susan Haddon - Chair

                     o Luis Netter - Vice Chair

                     o Hugh Fraser - Treasurer

                     o Peter Haddon - Secretary

                     o Barb Latham – Membership

                     o Art Beck – Director at Large

                     o John Schmuck – Director at Large

                     o Patricia Houston - Director at Large

                     o Andy Ruszel - Director at Large

                     o Lana Burns - Director at Large

                     o Paul Bishop - Director at Large

Jane’s Walk planning

  • Barb gave an update from the meeting on June 15th 2015
  • Up to 8 stations will be planned around the Chip Trail
  • Volunteers for each station are needed to direct the trail walkers , etc.
  • Susan to discuss with Carole Ireland.
  • Map of CHP will be required for this event.

Bowker Creek Initiative Update

  • The Friends of Cedar Hill Park have joined the BCI Steering Committee
  • Susan and Peter will continue to attend on behalf of FCHP
  • Our efforts to clean-up Bowker are greatly appreciated by the BCI
  • John gave a update on Saanich Engineering’s report on a detention pond and storm runoff to the BCI.

Next General Meeting

  • The attendees agreed on Monday September 21st 2015 as the next FCHP board meeting.

Thanks to Barb Latham for hosting the meeting at her home.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm. 

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