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Minutes of AGM meeting of Friends of Cedar Hill Park Society
7:00pm to 9:30pm, Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
1245 Judge Place, V8P 2C7

Barb Latham
John Schmuck
Jake Skinner
Jim Moores
Patricia Houston
Judy Wigmore
Luis Netter
Susan Haddon
Peter Haddon
Hugh Fraser
Roy Shepherd
Colleen Shepherd
Pat Fortin
Jean Newton
John Davoren
Kathleen McCaul
Andy Ruszel

Minutes recorded by Peter Haddon - Secretary

Please note: I have not recorded all the discussions that took place. I have attempted to record the decisions and action items.


Susan welcomed everyone to the AGM, introductions were made and the agenda for the meeting was reviewed.

Achievements in 2014
1 Clay courts rejected
2 Expansion of the park north of Kings Pond
3 Set-up and incorporated the Society
4 Bowker Creek cleanup events
5 On-going Pulling Together maintenance in the Park
6 BCI Steering Committee and SCAN attendance
7 Building Community

Priorities for 2015

Susan presented the list that she circulated in the agenda: Mapping and  inventory; Holly removal; Bowker Creek reach 17 restoration; Charter declaration by Council; On-going park maintenance; Park's 50th Anniversary.

Approval of 2014 Financial Statement

Susan Haddon reported revenues and expenses to date. The annual financial will be filed with a closing of March 31st 2015. A financial report will be circulated to members at that time.

The Charter for Cedar Hill Park

A draft of the Charter was presented by Peter Haddon.  People were in favour of the Charter but discussion centered around honouring the Park itself, and also using explicit wording in the third part of the document pertaining to community consultation in the event of major changes infringing on the natural environment.  Attendees agreed to submit suggestions for changes.   The revised Charter will be circulated as a final draft on February 24th. Charter will be presented to Advisory Committees, Community Associations and other interested parties.
Andy Ruszel, Barb Latham, Susan and Peter Haddon will form a committee to prepare a communication plan for the Charter. John Schmuck offered to contact Councillor Susan Brice, Chair of the Parks and Trails Advisory Committee.

History of the Park

Judy Wigmore gave an update on her research. The Park was recognized as Cedar Hill Park by Saanich Council in a declaration in 1989. Peter Haddon will circulate the current "Chronology of Events". Judy and Peter will lead further historical research.

Mapping and Inventory of Plans in the Parks

Jake Skinner and Judy Wigmore volunteered to lead this project. Roy and Colleen Shepherd will participate.  Judy noted that Dr Nancy Turner also offered to help with an inventory of current species. (As previously noted, Susan and Peter offered to act as the custodians of any historical information.)

On-going Maintenance of Cedar Hill Park

Jim Moores will continue to lead this effort. A group meets every Monday from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. More people are coming out to assist. Please contact Jim Moores to be added to the weekly schedule email. A Bowker Creek clean up event will take place on Saturday February 21st at 9:00 am. Another will be planned for the fall. (Action Peter and Susan.) Jim Moores will contact Andrew Burger to see how we might plan for the removal of invasive Holly from the Park.

Website preparation

Dennis and Greg Robinson and Peter Haddon have prepared a sample Home page for the website at:
Please note that none of the links or other pages has been activated. We should have a more functional website in about a week.
The members voted to approve the expenditure of $300 for construction of the website. Susan and Peter Haddon have paid for website hosting and associated software for 2015.

Election of the Board

Susan Haddon - Chair
Judy Wigmore - Vice Chair
Hugh Fraser - Treasurer
Peter Haddon - Secretary
Barb Latham - Membership
John Schmuck - Director at Large
Patricia Houston - Director at Large
Andy Ruszel - Director at Large
Luis Netter - Director at Large
Lana Burns - Director at Large
Paul Bishop - Director at Large

Meetings will be scheduled at 7:00pm until 9:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday, every other month. John Schmuck will act as liaison with SCAN and QCHCA.

Membership Dues

The meeting agreed that annual membership will be from April 1st every year. Those that have joined recently are considered to have paid their membership for 2015. All other members are asked to send Barb Latham their 2015 membership ($10).

Thanks to Barb Latham for hosting the meeting at her home.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

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