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"In a time when, all over the world, we are homogenizing our environments and species, and suppressing their differences, we need to recognize and celebrate the species that exemplify a place and its history. Cedar Hill Park is a Saanich treasure, both typical of past landscapes of southern Vancouver Island, and unique in its location, configuration and particular combination of species, watersheds and history. Its more natural areas with its giant oaks, native shrubs and camas meadows are particularly precious and will be even more so for future generations. Their maintenance should be undertaken with care, understanding and sensitivity, in order to retain and promote as many of the park’s native plants and habitats as possible."

Nancy Turner, 2017

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Many thanks to everyone who volunteered for the Kings Pond Clean-up on Saturday, September 15th, including some new FCHP members.  Welcome!  Many thanks to Jill Tuson of Saanich Parks for helping us to get organized and for bringing tools, refreshments and a truck load of mulch. Many thanks also to Jake Skinner, a member of the Cedar Hill golf course staff, for helping us organize and for hauling away all the debris. Great job everyone! Kings Pond looks much better for all our efforts.

Our Annual General Meeting followed the clean-up later that day. Many thanks to Barb and Dennis Latham for making us welcome at their home and to everyone who attended. A special “Thank You” to those members who stood for reelection for another year and welcome to our two new Board members, Dave Robertson and Ken Campbell.

Before the AGM, we were treated to a slideshow and talk about the birds of Cedar Hill Park by Liam Singh. Thanks Liam!!  It was great to meet everyone and socialize.

Best wishes,
Luis Netter, President FCHPS  


Cedar Hill Park is our beautiful local public park located at the border between the City of Victoria and the Municipality of Saanich. Please see Our Park here for more information.

A brief history from First Nations use of the land to recent events is presented on our Park History page here.

The Friends of Cedar Hill Park was formed by neighbours in 2006 to maintain the natural areas of the Park. The “Friends” became a Society in 2014 to expand membership and preservation activities.  For more information please see Our Society page here.

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