​Cedar Hill Park is our beautiful local public park located at the border between the City of Victoria and the Municipality of Saanich. Please see Our Park here for more information.

A brief history from First Nations use of the land to recent events is presented on our Park History page here.

The Friends of Cedar Hill Park was formed by neighbours in 2006 to maintain the natural areas of the Park. The “Friends” became a Society in 2014 to expand membership and preservation activities.  For more information please see Our Society page here.

Please join us! Our membership information and application form can be printed here

​Coming Events:

  • ​Weekly Volunteer Maintenance: Monday mornings from 9am to noon; (Next work party on July 17th, location). Contact and other information are available on our Volunteer Schedule page here.

Dear Friends of Cedar Hill Park,

We all value our Parks in Saanich. Many in the community are concerned that Saanich Parks is not doing enough to protect and restore the natural and open areas in our parks from development, invasive species and neglect.  Rare ecosystems are being jeopardized and open areas are at risk of future development.

As you may be aware Saanich municipality has been working on a few initiatives related to our environment. We would like to point you towards the one close to our hearts that merits your attention and your input. 

Cedar Hill Park Visioning and Planning Project

This project provides the community with an important opportunity to be vocal about ideas we have for the park and its future.  The online survey is open to your input. The deadline for the completion of the online survey is August 9th.

This survey by Saanich Parks is the first step in developing a Parks Management Plan for Cedar Hill Park. Getting off to a sound start is important so directions to the Committee are clear.

Please take the time to participate in the survey.  If you would like to discuss with us, we can be found at the contact page, or Monday mornings at the Pulling Together location of the week.

I hope we can count on your voices being heard!

Best regards from your vice president,

Luis Netter

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